Who are the Beatles


Two rock bands emerged from the 1960s; each changed the world in their own right. The Beatles formed the culture for the Baby Boom, the largest number of births in history (somewhere like 1946 to 1957).

The Who defined rock in the mid-‘60s, spawning what would become punk rock. Each band has lost two members. Ironically, The Who lost its bass and drummer, while the surviving Beatles are the bass and drummer.

History will record that in the second half of the first decade of the 21st Century – in 2005, the remaining members of each group joined forces to form the super group – Who Are The Beatles. That’s exactly what the children of the Baby Boomers, the Britney generation, were asking when they formed. This Web site will follow the adventures of this new super group as it tries to forge a new history in music. Check back often to follow the story as it unfolds.

The Beatles

George Harrison – guitar – 1943 to 2001 – died from cancer, which many believe was caused by a knife attack from an intruder who broke into his home some years earlier.

John Lennon – songwriter, guitar, piano and harmonica – 1940 to 1980 – murdered (gun) by David Mark Chapman.

Paul McCartney – bass player and song writer – 1942 – ? – rumored to die in a car crash in the late ‘60s and replaced by a look-a-like.

Ringo (Richard) Starr (Starkey) – drummer(?) – 1940 – talent goes beyond drums. Starred in movie Caveman, proving he acts as well as he drums.

The Who

Roger Daltry – looks – 1944

Pete Townshend – guitar, keyboards, song writer – 1945

Keith Moon – drummer extraordinaire (probably greatest in history) – 1947 to 1978 – drugs or craziness, take your pick.

John Entwhistle – bass – 1944 to 2002 – heart attack or drugs, take your pick.

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